Ottawa Senators

Two Ottawa Senators season tickets section 220 row B

(you look out across the visitors end face off dots)

Discounted parking in zones 1, 4, 5, 6, 9

We can get up to eight additional tickets at discount below box office price

Further group discount for 9 or more seats

Thank you to everyone who supported K of  C

Season seats section 220 Row B have been renewed for 2019 - 20.

Red Means Season Seats Sold but others still available at discount

Senators allocate games from Tier 1-5. Tier 1 is most expensive. (Leaf games)  Tier 2  through Tier 5.


Senators have eliminated PDF tickets, Mobile tickets are now the industry preferred option.  Printed Hard Tickets may be available for season seats. All other seats and parking only available as mobile tickets for your mobile device. Don't own a mobile device? A printed ticket can be made available for pick up from the Sens Box Office on game day.

We access parking cheaper than box office if game seats are purchased through us.  Even more savings for you!


Wed 18 Sep vs Toronto Maple Leafs preseason $78 each


Sat 21 Sep vs Montreal Canadien preseason $78 each


Sat 5 Oct HOME OPENER vs NY Rangers $88 each

Thu 10 Oct vs St Louis Blues $88 each

Sat 12 Oct vs Tampa Bay Lightning $88 each

Mon 14 Oct vs Minnesota Wild $78 each

Wed 23 Oct vs Detroit Red Wings $78 each

Fri 25 Oct vs NY Inlanders $88 each

Sun 27 Oct vs San Jose Sharks $107 each

Thu 7 Nov vs LA Kings $78 each

Sat 9 Nov vs Carolina Hurricanes $88 each

Fri 15 Nov vs Philadelphia Flyers $107 each

Fri 22 Nov vs NY Rangers $107 each

Wed 27 Nov vs Boston Bruins

Mon 9 Dec vs Boston Bruins

Sat 14 Dec vs Columbus Blue Jackets $107 each

Thu 19 Dec vs Nashville Predators $88 each

Sat 21 Dec vs Philadelphia Flyers $107 each

Mon 23 Dec vs Buffalo Sabres $88 each

Sun 29 dec vs New Jersey Devils $145 each

Thu 2 Jan vs Florida Panthers $88 each

Sat 4 Jan vs Tampa Bay Lightning$107 each

Sat 11 Jan vs Montreal Canadien $145 each

Tue 14 jan vs Chicago Black Hawks $88 each

Thu 16 Jan vs Vegas Knights $107 each

Sat 18 Jan vs Calgary Flames $107 each

Mon 27 Jan vs New Jersey Devils $78 each

Fri 31 Jan vs Washington Capitals $107 each

Tue 4 Feb vs Anaheim Ducks $78 each

Thu 6 Feb vs Colorado Avalanche $88 each

Thu 13 Feb vs Arizona Coyotes $78 each

Sat 15 Feb vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Sun 16 Feb vs Dallas Stars $107 each

Tue 18 Feb vs Buffalo Sabres $78 each

Thu 20 Feb vs Winnipeg Jets $107 each

Sat 22 Feb vs Montreal Canadien $145 each

Thu 27 Feb vs Vancouver Canucks $88 each

Sat 29 Feb vs Detroit Red Wings $88 each

Thu 5 Mar vs NY Islanders $88 each

Wed 18 Mar vs Edmonton Oliers $107 each

Tues 24 Mar vs Florida Panthers $78 each

Sat 28 Mar vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Sat 4 Apr vs Pittsburgh Penguins $145 each


single seat prices for our season seats, other seats by special order. Not a huge savings this year. Sens prices jumped, but the parking discount will hopefully help you to decide to purchase through us.



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